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Waste Education & Management

YouthLink, collaborated with five Auroville units—Wasteless, Eco Service, Eco Femme, Let’s Talk Trash, and Zero Waste—to gather data and explore solutions on waste management and education through infographics and detailed information, we aimed to shed light on various aspects of waste management and how individuals can contribute to this cause.

Waste Education Awareness Campaign (Instagram 게시물) (1) (1).png

What did we do?

  • Research, and networking meetings, to learn more about the topic, and to inform ourselves on the existing processes in Auroville.

  • With all the information received we created infographics showcasing the resources available for the community and visitors of Auroville. (you can find and download these infographics right above)

  • We did Trash Walk, to make a difference in our community and it's surroundings by taking action against trash and bringing awareness to the importance of proper waste disposals.

  • The trash walk started from Certitude, extended towards the Kuilapalayam road.

  • We got volunteers to support and we managed to clean up a significant amount of trash.

Trash Walk (1).png

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For the follow up, our ongoing efforts to maintain cleanliness in Auroville and its surrounding areas, we're dedicated to effectively managing trash disposal and implementing proper waste segregation practices.

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