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Elderly Care

We are living in a community with a huge pourcentage of Elderly compared to most places in the world and this contrast is even more evident when compared with India that has a very young population.

Seeing the need to support this huge part of our demagraphic that is often forgotten, we decided to hold an Awarness Campain on the subject of Elderly Care and spread awarness on how it is to grow old in Auroville, what are the supports systems in place and what we can further improve to care for our beloved seniors.

Our aim is to create a community where we feel secure growing old together!

What did we do?

  • Research, and networking meetings, to learn more about the topic, and to inform ourselves on the existing processes in Auroville.

  • With all the information received we created infographics showcasing the ressources available for the elderly population as well as statistics in Av, in Puducherry and around the World. (you can find and download these infografics right above)

  • Rashmi (from Maatram), Anandi (Elderly citizen), and Paula (AVHS team) were present on the day to answer any questions from our community members

  • We got volunteers to help support and care for our Elderly

  • We showed the community the Farewell and Living Will template, both form are needed to be filled and given to the Farewell team so that they know what to do with the body and belongings after death.

  • Here you can have access to usefull documents and informations related to passing and more

  • We took interviews of Elderly and Young people to see their perspectives on ageing