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Thooya Tamil


In response to the growing demand within the community to embrace the beauty of the Tamil language, a series of Thooya Tamil courses were thoughtfully arranged throughout the year.

Thooya Tamil is often referred to as classical Tamil. It is known for its poetic beauty and stands as the oldest and purest form of Tamil language.

There were in total 7 courses which were hosted by Sandeep and they were offered to complete beginners. They took place in the Youth Center and were hosted in a teaching style that prioritized oral communication. Everyone was repeating sentences and the focus was not just on learning new words but also training the mouth, tongue and muscles to pronounce the Tamil words correctly.

This teaching method was very well appreciated by the participants, they felt like it took away the pressure to memorize a lot of information at once while maintaining a fun and participatory learning environment!

Let us know if you would like to embark in a journey of learning by participating in another enjoyable and lively session of Thooya Tamil!

Written By Harinie

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Beautiful!! Really great idea for a workshop

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